Pulp Modern Flash Submissions


Pulp Modern Flash Submissions

Welcome to the future...
Pulp Modern Flash Online

Beginning in July, 2020, Pulp Modern launched a new flash fiction site for all pulp genres (crime/noir, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, war, and western) called Pulp Modern Flash. Like our print journal, absolutely NO SUBJECT is taboo. Pulp Modern Flash believes in true and absolute freedom of speech.

How long should the story length/word count be?
Flash fiction, also known as short-short stories, are a medium of stories that tend to be no longer than 1,500 words in length. Having said that, Pulp Modern Flash only wants stories that are 1000 words or less.
When is the next submission window?
Submission windows will be rolling and announced here and on social media.

The submission window for Pulp Modern Flash is currently: CLOSED

How much does Pulp Modern Flash pay for stories?
Pulp Modern Flash doesn not pay for flash fiction at this time. However, stories we deem above and beyond excellent will be invited to be included in an eventual anthology (for which authors will be paid). We will also actively promote stories for any awards PMF may be eligible for.
Where do I send my story?
Please send your story as a .doc attachment to:

pulpmodernflash (at) gmail (dot) com


Story Eligibility

What Serial Rights does Pulp Modern Flash claim for stories eligible for publication?
Pulp Modern Flash claims First World Electronic Rights (any future publication rights will be negotiated with the author at a later time). We also claim Online Serial Rights in order to keep the story archived at the site.
Does Pulp Modern Flash consider simultaneous submissions?
Simultaneous submissions are okay with Pulp Modern Flash as long as you inform us if a pending story has been accepted elsewhere.
Does Pulp Modern Flash accept multiple story submissions?
No, we do not accept multiple submissions sent while submissions are open or pending your previous submission. Please send one (1) story only and wait to hear back from us before submitting another one.

* Pro Tip: If we pass on a story, please do not immediately send us another story. It tells us you are not putting a lot of thought into which stories you send to various markets. This is not true for only Pulp Modern, by the way, all editors feel insulted by this practice. Take some time and put in some careful consideration before sending another submission.

Does Pulp Modern Flash accept reprints of stories previously published elsewhere?
Pulp Modern Flash is NOT interested in reprints at this time. Please check back later for more updates about this.
What type of stories does Pulp Modern Flash feature?
Once again for the cheap seats, Pulp Modern Flash publishes crime/noir, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, war, and westerns, Please read our past features and stories first to familiarize yourself with what we and our readers like.

There are no rules here as far as subject matter. We ENCOURAGE hardcore fiction. We are NOT interested in being lectured and talked down to; mainstream publishing is all about that and there are plenty of places to send that kind of work. We want to read STORIES that ALL human beings can relate to.

Do I have to pitch my story idea for Pulp Modern Flash?
No. Any story sent for submission should be fully edited, in its final draft, follows Pulp Modern Flash guidelines of content and word count, be absent of grammatical errors, and ready for publication. In other words, professionally ready to go to print.
Can I submit somebody else's work on their behalf to Pulp Modern Flash?
No. Pulp Modern only accepts original work submitted by the author that initially wrote, created, and subsequently owns the story. Submitting other people’s work is plagiarism and violates a host of intellectual property laws and copyrights.

Sending Your Work

Do you require a cover letter and a biography with submissions?
Yes. All submissions should include a cover letter in the body of the email as well as a brief biography of 300 words or less.
So what else do I have to do to send my story to Pulp Modern Flash?
Send your story in standard manuscript format as an attached document (.doc or .rtf) in Times New Roman 12pt to pulpmodernflash@gmail.com.

Please write the genre your story falls under, and the title of the story in the subject line.

Like so:

Horror_Invasion of the Zombie Twitter Trolls

Can I submit a story to Pulp Modern Flash via snail mail or courier pigeon?
No. Pulp Modern Flash is a digital ezine only and only accepts digital submissions. But we do like birds.
How long before I find out if my story was accepted for Pulp Modern Flash?
Since our submission window is rolling we will respond as quickly as possible. We read everything submitted a little bit quicker than Pulp Modern.

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