First of all, how are you doing these days? The world’s gone to hell the last year and a half, what are you doing to maintain a healthy state of mind?

I’m good. We need to discover, realise and utilize our own key life philosophy and life plan, in order to resist the constraints set on us by the dictats prevalent in these times.

When writing a short story, novella, or novel, what are some things you think you have to achieve to write something that will stand the test of time?

Storytelling is all about engaging the reader. You need passion, heart and a unique belief in your own story, as we all inhabit a Grand Narrative. Understanding of people and behaviour is also important, as is dialogue. Write in a unique style.

Who are some contemporary writers every writer today should be reading (and why)?

James Lee Burke for his great style that places him beyond mere genre fictions
Cormac McCarthy for his canon of poetic mythologies and engagement with interpreting the world we inhabit

If you had to make a list of the three most important rules when it comes to writing, what would those rules be (and why)?

Make it sound natural
Write good dialogue
Surprise yourself when writing and then surprise the reader second.

It’s been said print media is dead. What is your response to those who claim audiences in the future will have no need for books, short stories, etc. (i.e., visual media will take over all modes of storytelling)?

This is all hype, remember those people who said vinyl was finished, well it isn’t. Despite the addictions towards the virtual and their attendant mental illnesses, many people still need reality.

Who is an historical figure you’d like to sit down and have a drink and conversation with (and why?)?

Shakespeare, he’d have a lot to say.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Something totally original and spellbinding, thanks for the interview.

Richard Godwin is the critically acclaimed author of over 20 Novels, and his stories have been published in numerous magazines and over 34 anthologies.